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April 17 2015

August 22 2013

Donaukanal (Rotundenbrücke)
Graf Dracula überm Donaukanal
Taborstrasse Panorama
vlnr. Taborbrücke, Raiffeisenhochhaus, Mediatower, Sofitel Vienna, Uniqua Tower

September 19 2010

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Coffee and cigaretts

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Virus comix: hey, c'mon.
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What'll I say -- "I was staring at some cat vomit when I got the news?"
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Half Full Glass - The glass that's never half empty!

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<Josi> Hi. :)<Julius> Hey. Kleiner Test.<Julius> Es gibt da so nen Spruch. Entweder ist ein Mädchen hübsch oder schlau.<Josi> und?<Julius> du bist hübsch ;)<Josi> das ist lieb. :*<Julius> alles klar. es stimmt also.<Josi> hä? - Zitat #46799
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It'll be hilarious the first few times this happens.
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What PlayStation could have been? The early concepts of Playstation logo. (via
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German words in other languages
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Unreported hauntings.
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